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Aqua Flies

Ultra Mini-Intruder

Ultra Mini-Intruder

SKU: 12355

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Jerry’s newest intruder design utilizing the Ultra Rig. The Ultra Rig is a new system to rig shank flies with a trailing hook. The Ultra Rig is made with 50 pound Spider Wire, Ultra Tubing and a size 2 AquaTalon hook. This rigging system eliminates the use of wire as a trailing loop. The Ultra Rig system allows the angler to change out the hook without damaging the fly or the trailing loop. The only commercially tied fly with this rigging system.  In addition to the rigging system, this intruder is tied using an Aqua Flies Shank, Aqua Flies Intruder Eyes and the Aqua Flies Un-Real Jungle Cock.

Approximately 3.5 inches in length.  Rigged with a size 2 AquaTalon Swing Hook.

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