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Renegade Rod

Renegade Rod

SKU: R904

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Versatile and user-friendly, Renegade rods can be matched with any ultra short head line system. Every detail, from rod length to handle style, is designed to minimize the learning curve of new casters and maximize the performance of experienced anglers.

Minimize the Voodoo

Each rod length is matched with an ultra compact Skagit or Scandi line, just like the OPST Commando Heads. Using a wide tip window, this will allow the caster to maximize versatility, with total grain weight to rod ratios for easy Skagit casting. Optimal casting and fishing performance with absolutely no guess work.

Single to Switch

The smaller rods in the Renegade series are designed to be cast as a single-handed rod or two-handed.

The removable bottom handle gives the caster the option to use both handles for easy two-handed casting and it also makes an awesome fighting butt. Remove the bottom handle to cast single hand Skagit or overhead without the bottom handle interfering with the running line.

C Q F T : Close Quarters Fishing Tool

Whether the casting style is single-hand Skagit or overhead, out of the boat or two-handed casting, or wading in close quarters fishing situations, these rods will get the job done.

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