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Jig Shank 60°

Jig Shank 60°

SKU: JS625

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The jig shank is a unique design in the world of shank flies. Use these shanks to tie steelhead, trout or bass flies. Add a tungsten bead or cone to the head of the fly and create a jiggy fly that will drive the fish mad. Tie a sculling pattern on the jig shank with the Ultra Rig and create a more fish friendly fly.

The 25mm jig shank has a 60° leg that is 3mm in length; the leg length on the 35mm jig shank is 6.5mm.

The shanks are made of 1mm diameter wire and have a gun metal finish. The Ultra Tubing will fit snugly onto the back end of the jig shank.

Available sizes: 25mm and 35mm

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