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Poly Tubes

Poly Tubes

SKU: TUB1001

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Aqua Flies is pleased to offer Poly Tubes for fly tying. Whether you tie trout flies, steelhead flies or saltwater flies, we have the tubes for your tying needs. Our tubes are formulated from a temperature stable polyethylene, meaning in near freezing conditions the tubes will not break. With many colors to choose from, you can give your tube flies a new look.

 The 1.8mm tube is the right size to tie trout flies or lightweight steelhead flies, such as marabou tubes. Whether you tie a fly directly on the tubing or use it as a liner for metal tubes or weights, our Poly Tubes are very versatile.

 The 3mm size makes a great platform for tying larger steelhead flies, such as Intruders or saltwater streamers.

 The inside diameter of the 3mm will accept the 1.8mm tube perfectly. Add a cone to your fly by using the 1.8mm tube as a liner for the 3mm tube. A drop of super glue will hold the smaller tube in place, but to make for a more secure fit, cinch down on the tying thread so the larger tube is bound down onto the smaller tube. Hold the cone in place by holding a flame close to the end of the tube so it melts slightly and creates a collar.

 Need a hook holder? Combine the 1.8mm Poly Tube with our Ultra Tubing. Simply cut a point on the back of the 1.8mm tube prior to tying your fly. Spin the Ultra Tubing onto the point that was cut. Then trim the Ultra Tubing to desired length. Our Ultra Tubing will accept hooks up to a size 2.

 The 3mm Poly Tube is soft enough that no junction tubing is needed. Simply insert the hook eye into the back of the fly and you are ready to start fishing. For those who prefer to use junction tubing, we have a good selection of vinyl tubing.

 Two sizes:

1.8mm (1/16″) outside diameter

3mm (1/8″) outside diameter

Watch a tying demo using Poly Tubes and cones

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